Thursday, February 25, 2010

End of It all

In the light of the dying stars we lay side by side on the grass wet by the early morning’s dew. I told you all I want for the world and all I want for us. With each word uttered a star explodes and I realize that our time is finite here.

In this perfect place the universe is ending, and I have waited too long to say all I wanted to say. Both of us now are nothing but memories of no one. We’ve waited till the end to find the moment when we could be together, and Time has given us the dying seconds of the universe to revel in each others smell sound touch.

And revel we shall.

I remove your dress and see a million worlds snuffed out, reflected in your tears. You unbutton my shirt and my skin pressed against yours feels like the surface of the sun.

I can feel your heartbeat. The memory of your heartbeat. The sound of it resonates with mine, growing louder with each beat.

Here comes the end of it all. I lean in for one more kiss. One more taste of your teeth tongue lips before they cease to be.

The end reaches us here.

I grab at the grass and dirt, hoping to keep us rooted, but the end reaches us here. The dirt disappears atom by atom. Your hair fades away before I can run my fingers through it.

We died lifetimes ago, and now we will die again. Along with the universe.

We waited too long my love. And here at the end time I throw meaningless word after word before we are sent to the aether. My sight of you blurs and I can’t tell if it’s because of tears or entropy.

Finally; the tears vanish, and all is gone.

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  1. entropy....

    dude i like this very much but i hurt reading it so it must've hurt inifinitely more writing it.