Friday, April 9, 2010

A silly thing called society

In the recent years I've come to realize a quality of this beast that is humanity. It is easily blinded and distracted; it is easy to subdue and tame.

It is obvious to anyone who looks at it subjectively. We support a system of government that is flawed by definition, simply because there has never been a strong enough realization and mobilization of people to make it so.

It's so easy to make anything become truth, if you use the media. Though it may sound like the ideas of a paranoid mind, I strongly disbelieve anything I see in the mainstream media. The dream machines in the ad agencies churn out images and ideas that are so irresistible it becomes second nature to accept them as truth.

I could rant about this for hours. But the truth is, I do believe we're pass the point where we could survive without the mass media. All I can do is hope that the right people are channeling the money into the right causes.

We have the technology and the capability to transcend to the next evolution of society,a second renaissance, but its just the hive mentality of mankind thats hard to convince.

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