Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An evening with a foul mood

1.It's all in your head Prav, so get out of your fucking head.

2.Maybe materialism has its up-sides. For one, this hollow feeling could have been filled with useless thing years ago.

3.Booze, kill my cowardly mind and let my thoughtless heart reign.

4.I've only had 2 teachers worth thanking.And both of them were awesomer than any one greeting card holiday's worth.To the rest I say meh.

5.It sucks to have a non-local support system.

6.With all the ambient depression in the world a strong, consistent substance abuse habit makes sense. And fuck you, coffee, fat and cigarettes are substances too, mate.

7. Everything is a game within a game within a collective delusion. The economy is the funniest game of all, cos we're losing, and we invented that mother fucker. Ever played a game where losing meant war and famine? Neither have I.

8. To everyone who's ever secretly thought I was a knowitall, fuck you. Cos I am and I do.

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