Thursday, November 10, 2011

A dream journal

I've always had dreams where I was flying, but this one was different.

It started in some arbitrary location, a field where a football game was happening. The referee was an old Malay man with a goatee. The kind you expect to wear a kopiah and randomly lecture young people on the dangers of hedonism.

He walks up to me and asks me if I can fly, and not knowing that this was a dream I say no. He says it's easy.

All I have to do is lift one leg off the ground, then lift the other.

My subconscious stole this line from Neil Gaiman's Sandman. My subconscious rocks.

I try to obey the old man, and unsurprisingly I start floating. I flap my arms furiously to generate forward momentum, and I'm off.

I pass through a generic cloud and sky backdrop, I wave to a generic kid in an air plane from the scene in all Superman movies where he's flying and a kid looks out on him from an airplane window in awe.

I go high enough that I can see the curvature of the earth, and I see the of fingers from a hand grasping the planet like a cosmic shot-putt. A man in a bowler hat cycles past me.

I fly by an impossibly tall apartment building, and inside a room I see an awesome party. I stop by the window and a girl offers me a line of coke arranged on a piece of glass. I take it, thank her and fly off.

After a while I come to a wall of water hanging in mid air, and I fly into it. Now I'm at the bottom of some ocean, at the back of a line of people. Everything is the midnight blue of sunlight diffused by miles of water. The group moves forward with a purpose. Heads are bent low, so I can't make anyone out, but I feel like I know them.

At some point we walk past the moon, resting on a moon-sized golf tee.

We eventually happen upon a convenience store. A 7-11 on the ocean floor. I head inside to buy a pack of cigarettes, and meet a girl I used to date. We share a few words and I head out. I ask if she's coming with us, but she replies that she's waiting for the bus.

I head back out the group, and we continue the trek.

We arrive at out destination after a dream time skip. A large, open auditorium with a stage decorated like a vaudeville show.

We take our seats, and there's suddenly enough of us to fill the place up. A man in a top hat is on stage and talking, but I don't pay attention. The curtain opens and there's an image of a galaxy on a cinema screen. All of us float upwards and towards the screen in unison.

We reach the screen and break through the surface of it, it feels and looks like mercury. I turn my head to the left just before my left eye breaks the surface, and I see the girl next to me has done the same, and is looking at me. She looks like Olivia Wilde.

Then it was done and I wake up feeling sad.

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