Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Good Book.

There's a place you are allowed entry to, when you're reading, that lets you know you're reading a Good Book. It feels like your peripheral vision narrows down to the area around this construct of paper and ink, and the space beyond that takes a darkened, vignette effect onto which your mind projects the imagery from the words and paragraphs in your hand.

It doesn't take a fantastically written story, or an amazingly unique premise. It's as simple as strong imagery coupled with subtle, fragile, larger-than-life elements, like a lace doily made of ice crystals that hides the Fate of The World. It enters your mind through your eyes, and the holes in the corner of your eyes and leaks into your waking vision, colouring your world in the Pantone shades the author has chosen to build his/her world with.

Good Books like these are few and far in between, and I might just give this one another read very soon. Have a dance with this one you guys, it's called The Night Circus. You won't regret it.

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