Monday, December 31, 2012

An amalgamation of 5 moments and 2 lovers

The sapphire light of the dance floor laser shattered her into innumerable fractals.
Her movements are a slow sway,
but they pull on you like the gravity of planets and suns.
She is a pocket universe on to herself,
quantum entangled with the photons that collide into you.
You are hers.

The music stops and lights come on,
but not for her.
The crowd parts and  return to the real world.
But you are trapped in her orbit,
one that slowly decays as you work up the courage to interrupt her reverie,
and see her world from its surface.

But she snaps out of it, and reality colours her open eyes.
She adopts an ugly pace. A human pace.
Losing her secret, temporary divinity.

This world ends before you can get to it,
and you are left dreaming of a sky that doesn't exist any more.

Hush, we are small
reach away from me
twist your back to miss the fall of my gaze
hold your eyes in your hands
become lost

pupils dilate to drink the dim light
the fresh sweat and old desire
you are my secret silhouette
and your fire ignites the falling dust

Silence like a lace net
silence like dust motes of crystalline ice
small, worthless and beautiful
infinite and dark

heat and breath diffuse us
light is shattered by cloth and night
and it ends with a thousand memories of morning.

(p.s. it's been a while since I was here, and there might come a day when it might a while again, but I stumbled upon some new things to say, and some new ways of saying old things and Im hoping to say it for a medium to extra long while at least. Or till the next mayan apocalypse. Whichever comes first -Praveen.)

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