Saturday, July 20, 2013

At the end.

Stand with me at the end of the world. Stand beside me and let me feel your warmth and hold your hand.
We will see space collapse in on itself as our holographic universe compacts and shrinks until we are back at  the beginning. Back at the point where we were everything, and everything was yet to be.

Sit with me in the light of the dying stars. I will shield your eyes with my hand as the suns consume each other. We will swallow the last breath of this universe together.

Listen to the secrets I let loose, and keep them for me. See the light in my chest when I look into your eyes, and know that I treasure your secrets as well.

Here, in the darkness, at the end of things, allow me to touch your face as our forms shiver and shake, as our atoms and spaces in-between retreat to the centre, let me see you with the very last light of my eyes. Feel the vibrations of my voice when I say your name, I will them to pass through my hand into your bones, to pierce this silent vacuum.

I am content to have lived the last of the days and nights. Content to have seen the last dust mote trapped in light and to taste the scent of a full-moon, to chase the wind and get lost and to have heard the final lament of the unwashed masses.

But now as we dance a slow sway at the edge, I am happy. As we dip into absolute entropy, I am joyous; and I allow myself to engulf you, to steal your smile, to keep it safe from the nothingness.

So that it can keep me safe from the nothingness.

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