Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Walk silently through my doors and reminisce with me
We once glowed brightly under the midnight sky, you and I
We sat on benches and our mouths kept time with our hearts
Words flowing from ear canal, to heart, to mind and out through the nose.
We drowned in a mess of freshman philosophy and sickly sweet high school romance poetry
Mixing the liquids of our fear and joy we let it fluoresce in the space above our heads
We stood against the light to cast shadows upwards; we carved the sky into shapes and figures more beautiful than ourselves.
At the edge of morning you handed me one last secret
Standing on my toes I hid it behind the sun because you couldn't reach

I lost you in a field one evening because the cows and snails wouldn't tell me where you went
The moon turned to reflect not the sun, but a thousand street-lights into the tall grass so I could find you
At the edge of the water I caught you dancing, and found your hand in mid-sway
we fell over the side and sat where we could see our reflection
you asked me about death, and I told you a lie
In my memory there was firefly music and violin light
and you cast a spell to slow down time
We greeted the dew half in dreams and blushing
and couldn't find our way home till it was too late.

When it came time to forget you showed me how,
 twist grab pull and it was done
You gave me a bottle of words
and a notebook with our minutes pressed delicately between the pages

At the end it read
"We once glowed brightly under the midnight sky, you and I. We will grow eyes and ears like branches reaching out from our chests till we can see the rest of this story carved out in giant silver cursive across time and space."

My finger finds the edge of the page and stops there, a chubby semi-colon..
The blood drains from my nail-beds as I rest my head on the crook of my elbow
to remember your face, and finally sleep softly.

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