Thursday, June 22, 2017

*obligatory Death Cab reference*

"Who's gonna watch you die?"
Is a line from a death cab song
but it blinds me
like a neon sign
shining yellow
through dusty window glass
asking me
"what do you mean?"

Not mean like asshole,
or mean  like some kind
of verbal misunderstanding
between us
but mean like purpose
like meaning
like knowing
like what is this amalgamation
of nothing finished,
of half written truths
and left-hand wisdom
supposed to be

Like it was asking me
what I was going to die for

resonance occurs
when two vibrating bodies
oscillate at the same frequency
Their waveforms meet
and each is left a little stronger for it

And this question
resonated within me
and was reflected
and magnified upwards
like a voice
from the bottom of a dry well,
a voice I haven't heard
in a while

Who's gonna watch you die?
Like who will be there at the end,
standing proud as the
anthropomorphised outcome
of every choice you have ever made

Who as in who will care enough to
wait the countless hours
for your pointless existence to
run down
for that last burst
of electrochemical potential
to drain back into the cosmos
and mourn the space
you left in the world

that you were just
the universe observing itself
from a different angle.
And all that died
was a point of view.

Like who's going to watch you live?
What will be their contribution
to your song
How will their existence
curve your path
For when they walk next to you
you can do nothing
but harmonize
even if that means
you have to change
your tune.

like who trusted you enough to
believe that the colors you thought
only you could see
were real
and in time began to see them too?
like they let your madness
cast a shadow
across their sight

Like did you bring joy?
Like was there less
empowered fear
in the world because
you existed in it?
Like did you contribute
enough to the human chapter
and will the words
that trace your path
across the page
hold the reader's
gaze till the very end

And when you read them again,
will you recognize yourself?

Like will the
biochemical momentum
your body returns to the earth
be more valuable than the
magnetic imprint
your mind leaves
in the fabric
that holds everything
together like an
errant note
hastily thrust
into the last measures
of an ageless song.

Will that note simper,
and fade
or will it reinforce
the vibrations
drop-kick the melody,
rouse the orchestra
making it brighter,
shaking the wood from walls
the nails from your fingers
your toes dug deep into the sand
sending ripples to every ship
on the horizon
reminding everyone
on this majestic journey
that the land behind the sun
shines from inside their chest
that the music of the spheres
plays to the beat
of their stomping feet

That the balance they seek
lives in the dance
of particles
trapped in magnetic fields
in a sunbeam
and the embers
climbing to the sky
on the last breath
of a dying fire

To never fear the darkness
or the storm
For it was the storm
that shook the branches
rocking us to sleep each night
And it was darkness
that held us safe
in it's arms till
we were ready to
to become light

Tell them
to never stop burning
into the corners of every room
to the edges of the night sky

be the pillar of flame
marking the boundaries
between truth and wisdom
freedom and fear

be the wonder,
and endless fireworks
in every child'e eye

but also
be yourself

until everything explodes
and all is unkindled ash

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